What Are The Features Of Knife Gate Valves?

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Knife gate valve is a professional switch shut off valve which has wide applications in water treatment, mining, sugar making, chemical fibre, pulp and paper pro-environment. According to various working conditions, knife gate valve specifically consists of wafer type valves, lug type valve, through going valve slurry valve and even special designed one ideal for all kind of applications.

Main features of knife gate valve

Main features are given below;

  • It is very easy to install and employ with ultrathin design.
  • It has attractive shape and compact construction.
  • Externally located packing gland comprises two-layer packing and intermediate rubber gasket and thus affords a more reliable packing sealing. Also packing pre-stressing nuts are empty off avoiding any nut loosening in long term use.
  • Removable seat design backed with by a pre-tightening O-ring makes the seat claim to the disc and gives it a self-compensating wear function and prolong life cycle. Available seat material includes metal seat for various applications.
  • The knife arc shape of the bottom of the gate is designed to be particularly suitable for cutting off pulp medium or containing fibre.
  • Each gate (butterfly valves/lined butterfly valves) is precision ground and a hard chrome plated as a standard. This provides an excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • Guiding nylon is pointed situated at the gate providing for a steady movement of gate and a trench free and smooth or like a plane port, similarly from this the butterfly value clogging issue get reduces and about material which get build up and then further eliminate mechanical or motorized failure of the butterfly valve.
  • Custom port shapes including V-port, triangular-port, etc., satisfy very glorious flow regulation request of corresponding working condition.
  • Water type and log type connections are available to satisfy different requirements of the valve flange connection.
  • Knife gate valve as well as butterfly valve or lined butterfly valve are aiming to be applied in different industrial autonomic control system, is able to flexibly adapt to a variety of control units including pneumatics actuator, electric actuator etc.
  • Different knife gate valves series are available for varied working conditions. MD cleaner section in pulp and paper or be mounted on facilities such as heavy object separator and hydraulic pulp.
  • The two-piece body construction eliminates jamming meanwhile gate material belong to a hard chrome.
  • Slurry gate valve adapts to slurry operating conditions.
  • The shape of the bottom of the gate provides us with strong cutting force.
  • Bi-directional or zero leakage sealing generate from one piece die-casting rubber.
  • Moreover, replaceable cover mounted on the value bottom enables the remained particulate media to be cleaned out of the body.
  • Knife valve is also known to be as flap valve, as it has flaps and functions like that.
  • It allows flow from both of its sides.
  • Heavy duty knife valve is very much in demand now-a-days.
  • Knife gate valves have much sharped discs to cut different surfaces.